• Help to prevent skin cell degeneration caused by UV.
  • Reduce wrinkles while recovering epidermis consecutively.
  • Help to keep skin’s moisture.
  • Help to improve new skin cells generation and stimulate new stem cells generation.
  • Help to make your skin look young while slowing down aging wrinkles excellently.
  • Help to restrain antioxidants generation while destroying free radicals in cells.
  • Help to slow down degeneration of collagen fibers and elastin.

Active Ingredients

L-Arginine   500 milligrams
Apple Extract 100 milligrams
Blueberry Extract 100 milligrams
Grape Seed Extract 60 milligrams
Rose Hip 50 milligrams
Alpha Lipoic Acid 30 milligrams


Direction: Take 1 pack of product before breakfast by tearing the pack and pour product under your tongue.

Warning : Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.

1 box contains 12 packs.