The company’s application to join the business is the same one only. Anyone applying into business is the benefits equally capable. Transactions of the Company are specified in the manual businessman and complete.

The Features of Application

  • Applicants must be aged 20 years up or the completely age of 20 years old but under 18 years of age must have the consent of their father, mother, legal guardian . . They must be accompanied by the copy of identity card and certified true copy of parents and candidates
  • In the case of married couples (by law) or not married (by behavior) are considered as the same person and must apply the same code. (Read more on the topic, the meaning of a particular word and interpretation in Business Successmore).
  • The candidate must accept and action regulatory compliance Terms of Business cycles and matching of the Company in all respects.
  • The ideal candidate Successmore businessman’s rate of application is 300 baht.

Note: The application registrations can have one person for one code only (husband and wife is the same person).

Submit an Application

The General Submit an Application

When Successmore businessmen fill an application form, they must attached documents which are accurate and complete. The center can be submitted Successmore’s headquarters or any branches of the company. In the working days and hours or mailed to headquarter only this function (specified on the envelope. “Department members”) when the officer receives the application and documentation of your application and make sure it is correct then they will complete the data entered into the system as well.

***The Company provides no application to the key counter each branch on the 15th and last day of the month [day closing balance]

The Application Already Filled Out Online

Businessman Successmore can use this application to purchase from the Company, or print an application from the computer to the information provided in the application form enter into the system for 24 hours and then submit the application, including application materials to the Company within 30 days. The application can be submitted and documents filed by the Center Successmore’s headquarters or brunches for the future actions to any brunches or mailed to headquarter only.

(Identified at the corner of the envelope. “Department members”)

Required Documents

in case of the main candidates and co- candidates as well

Common People

Copy of the main applicant and co-applicant (if any) which are valid is also
required with certified true copy
– If using a government ID card or driving license or a moped. Which is still valid but the card did not specify the date of birth and address as identification, so you must attach a ID card copy with all of this.
– I When using a yellow card (Renewal of the card) and have not expired so you must attach a copy of old ID card with all of this.

A copy of passbook savings account of the main candidates only if you have not sent a copy to the company. It has not been receiving the transferred bonus (If any bonus is there, the company will also collect a bonus of you. And transferred to the bonus round when you already send a copy of bank account to the company. This is to inform you all that when you log into the system with the message “You have not. Filed a copy of bank account Please send a copy of your bank account to the company, “you need to specify the password of businessman Successmore on your copy bank account too.

Copy of the parents. (Father / mother / legal guardian authorized) in cases of applicants aged not complete 20 years old.


The Successmore Company has not received an application of corporation. If a businessman Successmore can change the status of the application filed by individuals, he could firms into “Change Request Form. Name – the entity “General purpose of this Request to change from status of natural persons into the corporate sector. “Company” or the “Partnership” and the only businessman Successmore must be the main candidate whom must be named authorized signatory of the company. Or limited partnership into a shareholder and have more than 90% of this increased. The document operators must be certified true copy and seal of the company or a limited partnership are as follows.

Identification Copy of the main applicant and co-applicant (if any) is also valid.Certified true copy

A family license copy of the main candidates. Certified true copy

Company Certificate or Partnership with the objective

Company bank account Or Partnership

Write down for VAT (if any) must submit a copy of the VAT registration within date 25 days
of the month. Additional documents to submit is the following:-

> A registered VAT under the Code (PP 01)

> Copy of Registration Tax (VAT 20)

Benefits of Businessman Successmore

1. An application set consisted of a catalog, a Businessmanual, receipt (for using as an evidence exhibiting to customers), normal Order Forms, BMC Order Forms, and Application Form.

2. Success Magazine throughout the membership duration that can be received from our branches or delivered via mail. In the event of any failure to receive any magazine delivered via mail, it may be caused by incorrect address.

  • In the event that any magazine is returned to the company, our staff will inform your via phone or e-mail and you can edit your address by logging in our system with your User Name and Password.
  • In the event that the magazine is not returned to the company that may be caused by any problem of the postman, you can contact our company via Telephone No. 02-511-5955 of Fax No. 02-511-5944 or e-mail: support@successmoredemo.local

3. Trainings under the company’s conditions

4. Income and compensation under Cycle Matching Business Plan

5. An accident insurance covering accidents, death, loss of organs, loss of eyesight, or permanent disability with the coverage of 100,000 baht/member and 50,000 baht/member for co-applicants under the conditions of accident welfare. This welfare will be started from the 1st day of the next month of the date of applying.

Remarks: In the event of any accident caused by bicycle, the coverage will be reduced by a half of total coverage. “Permanent disability” means any disability hindering from performing any work and occupation permanently.