Member Application

The Company has only one type for applying a Successmore member and all member have equal benefit which able to do all transactions as stated in the business manual.

Applying for Successmore Member

  • Age above 20 years old. Or at least 18 years old if less than 20 years old must acquire consent from parents or guardian by giving copy of ID card with wet signature of both applicant and parents or guardian. Applicants must be persons of sound mind and not insane, incompetent or quasi-incompetent persons.
  • In cases where applicants are aged over 80 years, the Company reserves the right to refuse the aforementioned as Successmore applicants. Furthermore, if there is intentional concealment of notification or disclosure of false information, such as a false year of birth, the Company reserves the right to refuse the application to become a new Successmore member at the Company’s discretion in every aspect.
  • Spouse both legally and/or illegal will be considered as same person and applied with same member number (detail in Meaning of vocabulary and interpretation in Successmore business topic)
  • Applicants are required to accept and follow various rules, agreements and codes of ethics in running a Successmore business, including the Company’s cycle matching business plan in every aspect.
  • Application member fee 300.00 baht

Remarks: Only one applicant is allowed per member number (spouses are considered the same person). If the Company finds one Successmore member to have more than one-member number, the Company will reserve the right to immediately delete the repetitive member number from the system.

Submit an Application

Normal process:

Once applicant completely fill in application form and attached all required documents, please submit at the Company’s headquarters or every branch in Thailand during office hour or send by post to the Company’s headquarters (specify “member application” on the envelop). Once the Company’s staffers review and confirm your documents completely, we will update data in the system.

***The Company provides no application to the key counter each branch on the 15th and last day of the month [day closing balance]

Submitting Applications Completed Online

Successmore members can use an application bought from the Company or print an application from the Company’s website at in order to complete the application, which can be submitted online when complete 24 hours per day. Then the application and accompanying documents can be sent to the Company within 30 days. Applications and accompanying documents can be submitted by delivering to the Company’s headquarters or every future branch in Thailand, or sent by post only to the Company’s headquarters (specify “member application” on the envelop).

Required documents


  1. Copy of valid ID card of both main member and co member (if any) with wet copy right signature.
    • Valid driver license and/or government officer ID card can be used. If no identify of date of birth and address, must attach house registration together.
  2. Copy of saving bank account of main member only. Otherwise, you may not receive bonus money (if you applicable to get bonus money, Company will transfer your bonus money to your account once you already submitted copy of saving bank account to Company only. The payment date is subject to bonus cycle). Company will notify if you’re not submit such bank account when login to system with message “you have not submitted copy of saving bank account, please submit copy of saving bank account to Company”. You need to state your member number in such copy too.
  3. Copy of valid ID card of parents (Father/ Mother/ guardian) if applicant age less than 20 years old.

Juristic Persons/Corporations

The Company will not accept applications in the names of juristic persons/corporations, unless Successmore members are able to submit a request for a change in status from that of a Successmore member who is an ordinary person to that of a juristic person/corporation by placing information in a “Change of Name-Juristic Person/Corporation Status Form”. In requesting to change member status from an ordinary person to a juristic person, you have to have applied to become a Successmore member at the supervisor level under the name of an ordinary person at least seven days from the application date or earlier to be considered by the Company. Furthermore, the juristic person/corporation must be only a “limited company” or “limited partnership” juristic person/corporation. The Successmore member who is the main member must be listed as a director, partner, manager or authorized person in the limited company or limited partnership and listed as a shareholder with more than 51 percent of shares. The following accompanying documents must be signed with certified copies and affixed seal of the limited company or limited partnership: 

  1. Signed and certified copies of the main member and the co-member’s ID cards (if any) which have not expired.
  2. Signed and certified copies of the main member’s house registration.
  3. Certificate of the limited company or limited partnership with objectives.
  4. Account books of the limited company or limited partnership
  5. When registering value added tax (if any), copies of value added tax registration must be submitted by the 15th day of every month.
  6. Accounting Office or Accountant Contact InformationThe following additional documents must be submitted:
    • The value-added tax registration form pursuant to the Revenue Code (Phor.Phor.01)
    • Copies of value added tax registration forms (Phor.Phor.20)

Successmore Member Privilege

  1. Application 1 set including product catalog, business manual, receipt (to be given to your customer), regular order channel, business mobile channel and application form.
  2. The Successmore magazine throughout the period of member. The Successmore magazine may be downloaded from the internet.
  3. To attend Company’s training course which subject to the Company’s conditions.
  4. Income and remuneration as Cycle Matching Business Plan.
  5. Accident coverage benefits in case of death, loss of an organ, eyesight or permanent and complete disability from accidents in the amount of 100,000 Baht/person. In cases involving two co-members, coverage will be provided in the amount of 50,000 Baht/person according to specified accident protection benefits. Accident benefit coverage will take effect 3 days after the Successmore members have sent all documents accompanying the application to become a Successmore member (member application documents primarily refer to application forms and copies of ID cards). This coverage will become completely effective only when Successmore members purchased any company products for at least 250 points (PV) in the month before the accident occurs. If no products were purchased in that month, Successmore members will not be protected by the terms of this accident protection benefit.

Remark: The accident caused of motorbike will limit half of budget. “Permanent disability” means being a disabled to do any work permanently.

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