Doing business ethically is necessary. Particularly, with Success More, as our business makes members, families and many people successful by giving each other business opportunities. Hence, In the light of making our business practice just and fair for every members, there are established rules and regulations worthy of attention. Success More business practitioners should study these rules and regulations thoroughly in order to create their own sustainable business line


A Successmore business means a valuable business opportunity providing long-term security guarantees for the family. This is why every Successmore member is fully dedicated to the businesses and why Successmore members want to conduct business in line with the ethics and regulations specified by Successmore Being Public Company Limited for every Successmore member’s business. Key components of success are operating the business correctly, having respect for one another, following society’s good moral principles to prevent equal rights of all Successmore members.

1. Adherence to Ethics for Successmore Members

Ethics for Successmore members are the highest responsibility of every Successmore member who must strictly adhere to ethics and regulations in action and mind. Violations of regulations, conditions or specifications resulting in damage to other persons or the Company will result in actions according to the Company’s specifications on punishments with potential effects on status as a Successmore member.

Qualifications to apply for Successmore member require interested persons to be aged 18 years. However, in cases where interested persons have not reached 20 years of age, interested persons must obtain consent from a lawful representative every time because of responsibilities for legal actions, corporate management, financial management and other possible fields.

Successmore business plans must be shown clearly without providing information exceeding the truth. Successmore businesses are not a shortcut to wealth but an opportunity to create results and achievable goals with key components in the areas of working with dedication and effort.

Successmore members must correctly present and reliable information, such presentation is truly certified from the Company. Referred to quality and utility product which stated on brochure or label product and mention to your own experience is the best way to make customer trust you..

Successmore members must always continually visit customer and introduce new product or service which is useful to them. Also follow up the result regarding product which has been sold to customer. Giving a good service to gain trustworthiness from your customer. Satisfied customer consider is a valuable process.

Successmore members must sell product based on the Company retail price only. Successmore product is worth with every penny so under-cut price selling made Successmore member get less profit. This method also take advantage from other Successmore members therefore everyone must behave to protect the Company reputation. In cases where the Company discovers any Successmore member have sold the Company’s products at prices lower than the Company’s specifications, the Company will cancel your member ID and suspend payments of your benefits immediately.

Every Successmore member is respect in united business line. To be united Sponsor the most important key in Successmore business. The Company not allow to transfer from one business line to another due to confliction and disadvantage to Successmore member. Hence, Successmore member will not be a part or help both direct and indirect way to convince anyone to resign or change business line with any reason including offer other (cousin or friend) name to apply in advance.

The income from expand networking, and taking care of consumer and organization, and business line are true income of this business. Even though the seminar is important and necessary for successful business, but Successmore members should not focus on benefit from that activity, training, or any kind of activities which ticketing or promoting unreasonable price. Ready to be responsible for person whom you persuade to be Successmore member means willing to be supporter, encouragement and guidance to that person.

Hoarding is incorrectly way in doing business including force your business line hoard product more than their own consuming or selling per month. Such action is illegal.

Successmore members must aim to distribute Successmore products with guarantees for maximum customer satisfaction. Successmore members must not invite, persuade, advertise or distribute products in other non-Successmore direct sales businesses directly or indirectly because the aforementioned actions cause effects and damage to the Company’s business operations.

Successmore members must build up the connection from friends and always keep in touch. Successmore business is based on personal relationship. Hence, retail selling is not direct sell (door to door) to customer or advertising by post or propagand through printing media, radio, television or electronic media which impact to the Company reputation.

Successmore member must respect in individual decision making and be humble in doing business. Using sale pressures technique will create negative impact to Successmore member image plus overall Successmore member’s image.

This is serious concerning, Successmore members must request in writing and receive written consent from the Company before using Company trademark and/or Successmore’s commercial trade name. Therefore, producing and distributing tape or any business promoting tools in the Company is prohibited unless get written consent.

Successmore members not allowed to produce any media or circulate any tools which mislead others that Company is producer.

The Company not allow Successmore member to add fake person or claim falsely someone’s name without permission into business line both consumer and/or member status. If found out, such member ID is considered void.

The Company wants all Successmore members to run their businesses successfully and behave appropriately without violating social morals through inappropriate behaviors, such as adultery, slandering other Successmore members, entering systems of other teams without permission, making inaccurate presentations of the company’s information or performing other actions causing severe damage to the Company or other persons, etc. These actions are incorrect. Therefore, all Successmore members must pay attention to personal actions and teams in order to operate the Successmore business correctly according to social morals.


Presently, communication through internet and computer very popular and be a part of daily life. Successmore member must learn how to present business information through internet and computer which follow the Company code of conduct and ethical including not against Computer - Related Crime Act B.E. 2550. The Company will not responsible for any act which members committed.

Successmore member can have your own homepage to share your experiences or your stories as well as your hobbies and/or photos with others. Nevertheless, Successmore member must be careful your homepage is not against the Company code of conduct and ethical including Computer - Related Crime Act B.E. 2550.

The following action needed to be concerned.


Not doing any action which damage others in both property or reputation


Not presenting business plan or persuading others to join business or selling product by using e-mail marketing.


Not over claim quality of product and intentionally mislead others including make any damage to trademark or branding.


Not violate other’s privacy right by using their information to post in public unless has written consent.


No infringement of trademark and/or refrain from using any photos or edit any Company’s message including creating Company’s link without Company’s permission or intentionally mislead others and spoil Company’s reputation.


Must not display false or inaccurate images, messages or information.


Using SUCCESSMORE be one part of website name, Facebook name, Line, YouTube or any kind of social media in future are prohibited.


Successmore members must not show product prices or sell products at prices lower than the prices set by the Company.

Successmore members must not invite persons interested in the business by “accepting applications”.

Successmore members must be bear in mind regarding presenting or using electronic information or internet information within limitation of the Company code of conduct and regulations as well as any other law enforcement e.g. Computer - Related Crime Act B.E. 2550, trademark Act for the sake of happiness and equality.

Actions of Successmore Members That Are Subject to Penalties

  • Successmore members who violate of ethical and the Company’s regulations.
  • Successmore members who spoil the Company or product’s reputation.
  • Successmore members who commit any action which damage the Company’s name in doing business.
  • Successmore members who act directly or indirectly to mislead others regarding Successmore business model and damage the Company’s name in doing business or overall Successmore member.
  • Successmore members who conceal, inform or give false information of member or the the Company business including giving fake statement, forge documents or using fake documents for the sake of application, Sponsor or any advantages which lead damage to the Company or overall Successmore member.
  • Successmore members who have performed other actions and caused damage to the Company and other Successmore members.

Remarks: Successmore member ID with a main member and a co-member are considered to have the same Successmore member’s ID.

  • In complaints related to actions in violation of rules, ethics and regulations of any Successmore member, the complainant must report the complainant’s Successmore member ID to the Company. The aforementioned complaint may be either written or verbal. In filing complaints related to Successmore members who have violated the rules, ethics and regulations of Successmore members, the complainant must have facts, information and evidence to convince the Company that the target of the complaint has caused damage to the Company or other Successmore members.
  • In cases where the Company has received complaints and considered facts, information and evidence and believes the complaint to have real impact on the Company or other Successmore members, the Company will take action by issuing written warnings to notify the target of the complaint of the complaint’s topic and have the complainer explain facts to the Company. The target of the complaint will have member ID temporarily suspended to prevent access to the Successmore member system until the target of the complaint is able to explain facts and make corrections to return the topic of the complaint to normal conditions.
  • In cases where the target of the complaint is unable to make corrections and return the topic of the complaint to normal and the topic of the complaint caused severe damage to the Company or Successmore members or other persons, the Company will take action according to the Company’s penalty measures by considering penalties according to only the Company’s judgment.

  1. Verbal warnings.
  2. Written warnings (first letter of warning).
  3. Written warnings with probation (warning letter).
  4. Temporary suspension of Successmore member ID.
  5. Suspension of qualification certifications which are honors or awards.
  6. Suspension of invitations to seminars in the country and abroad.
  7. Suspension of invitations to domestic and foreign tourism trips.
  8. Reductions to success levels.
  9. Suspension of member renewals.
  10. Suspension of monthly qualifications (suspension of counts).
  11. PV point suspension and suspension of benefit payments (commissions).
  12. Revocation of Successmore member (member ID cancellation)

Including other punishments in the Company’s other agreements or conditions.

Withdrawal means suspend and end of someone’s membership completely including right to win other benefits from Company. This will effective on the date when you receive withdrawal letter. Company shall preserve the right to withdraw membership status according to cases as follows;

  1. Successmore members gives fake statement which contradict with application.
  2. Successmore members is intervening and making serious trouble for other membership both in his business line and other’s business line.
  3. Successmore members has been defamatory or committed any actions which caused of damage to organization and Company which no any resolution.
  4. Successmore members give distort the Company’s information or business plan which cannot be cured with others penalty.
  5. Successmore members who break any regulations and cannot resolve it within 15 days from the date which stated in the letter.
  6. Successmore members who against code of conduct and regulations more than 1 time or make the same mistake.

Successmore members must be proud in doing business and made others understand business correctly. The distort Company’s information and Cycle Matching Business Plan as example as following which are prohibited;

  • Advertising in any medias regarding provide an opportunity in job application, participate in social activity, make merit, exposure, data for marketing research or attend the meeting to invest in any business.
  • Not doing any kind of activity to mislead or defraud of others misunderstand that Company has relationship with individual, juristic person or any organization.
  • Persuading others to join meeting directly or indirectly with hidden objective e.g. selling overprice ticket, free gift or product e.g. car or plane ticket.
  • Offering benefit which contradict with Company.
  • Baiting or luring for copy of someone’s ID card, copy of someone’s bank account or ATM to apply membership and illegal business proceed.

Death and transfer a title of member

Being a Successmore member is likely legal protected property. Company will consider right to transfer a title of member to right person only which has conditions as following;

  • Main applicant passed away only then Company will transfer his right to joint applicant who qualify to be Successmore member..
  • In case no joint applicant, Company will consider transfer Successmore member.’s right to legal heir.
  • In case of main applicant is sick or disability until unable to work as normal (no joint applicant) and remaining in position up to 3 years, Company allows his legal heir to take over his Successmore member.’s right.
  • In case of main member does not continue the business due to other necessary reasons (no co-member) and remaining in position up to 3 years, the Company will consider transfer Successmore member’s right to legal heir.
  • Assignee shall remain exactly the same position of assignor.
  • Assignee cannot apply to be Successmore member with any business line unless refuse to take transference.
  • Any other cases, needed written evidence and prior approval from Company. Moreover, Company preserve right to deny any approval in all discretion.
  • The Company shall preserve the right in discretion regarding Successmore member transference.

Steps of Successmore member transference

Fill in member transference form (death main applicant), able to download from system or contact our staff at every branch.

Submit the form and attach all required documents.

After Company approved, your name will show as main applicant and ready to do business according to Company’s regulations and code of conduct.

Required Documents

Death main applicant which has joint applicant:

co-member name must be shown in member registration data system before main applicant passed away. Successmore Member transference will replace died main member by co-member only cannot be anybody else.

  1. Copy of death certificate of main member
  2. Copy of co-member ID card"
  3. Copy of bank account of co-member
  4. Other documents (if any) e.g. certificate of name or surname change

Death main member which no joint applicant

  1. Copy of death certificate of main member
  2. Copy of ID card and house certificate of assignee "
  3. Marriage certificate
  4. Birth certificate of child – to show parent’s status of main member (if any)
  5. Other documents (if any) e.g. legal heir confirmation letter

The Successmore member transference shall be completed and valid once Company officially approved such form and all required documents.

The end of Successmore member status


  1. Successmore member expired and not renew it
  2. Successmore member resignation
  3. Withdrew Successmore member due to seriously acting against Company’s regulationsand code of conduct
  4. Successmore member passed away and has no legal heir to be his successor
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