Validity of Successmore member is 1 (one) year from application date.

Renewal member fee is 150 baht/year. Successmore member can renew your member ID 90 days before expiry date and it will count year by year.

Successmore member can renew your member ID within 90 days after expiry date called “Flexible Period”. If you qualified to get commission fee, Company will transfer such fee which subject to Company’s regulations. Otherwise after Flexible Period, all commission fee shall be erased.

Member who intent not to renew member ID remain the right to purchase products however, member will not subject to receive any bonus according to Company’s Compensation Plan. In addition, expired member has no right to receive carry forward amount of PV.

If member has been renewed within Flexible Period, will has validity for 1 year (the expiry date will be the same as previous one). However, if renew after Flexible Period, the validity will be 1 year from date of application.

During Flexible Period, member who not yet renew member ID will not receive the insurance coverage benefits in case of death, loss of an organ, eyesight or permanent and complete disability from accidents. According to the accident insurance coverage conditions as specified by the Company.

Company shall preserve the right in discretion regarding acceptance or rejection to be member without telling any reason whether that person has or has not been applied to be member or not. Applying to be Successmore member will be completed when Company records your application into system only. Submitting application form and required documents to Company (either submit at Company or by post) shall not be considered being our member yet.

The Company reserves the right to consider, accept or refuse renewal of Successmore member in every case if Successmore members violate the rules, agreements, terms, ethical rules or conduct business based on incorrect guidelines or ignore warning letters from the Company, refuse to take action or fail to give importance to changing Successmore business operations to be on a correct base.

Member ID Cancellation: The Company will cancel Successmore member number in the following cases:

  • Cases where the Successmore member who applied as a Successmore member and did not send copies of ID cards more than 60 days after the date of the member application.
  • Cases where the Successmore member has not purchased products for more than three years from the most recent product purchase date.
  • Cases where the Successmore member conducts business in violation of rules, agreements, conditions and ethics, thereby causing damage to the Company and other Successmore member.
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