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Botanic Shampoo Natural Herb

Cleans and nourishes hair for smooth, moisturize, sleek look.


Silver Age Set

Flow 1 box,S.O.D More 1bottle,Marina 1 กล่อง,Nutriga 1box,Target 1box,Hy Pro Next 1box


BODi Design Slim Set

BODi Design Slim Set ประกอบด้วย Flow 1 กล่อง F4 2 กล่อง Orysamin 1 กล่อง Phytovy Liv 1 กล่อง Phytovy 1 กล่อง Marina 1 กล่อง Hy Pro Stawberry Flavour 4 กล่อง All Pro Chocolate, All Pro Vanilla หรือ Hy Pro Stawberry 3 กล่อง


Oxy Quick X3 Action

The solution for laundry that all homes must have. This ultra concentrated detergent is suitable for hand washing and washing machine. With Oxy Quick Technology, oxygen delivers deeper clean to the fabric in no time. Plus, Protease Enzyme helps break down tough stain without your hard brushing.

New Arrival

Oduor Aura Eau De Perfume

Ignites sexiness and boosts confidence that is captivating, as if enchanted with a spell of gentleness from Floral scents of various kinds of flowers. 


All Pro (Vanilla)

All Pro (Vanilla) WHEY PROTEIN 


Liquid Detergent

“With pH Balance ingredients, it can clean your clothes completely without destroying any fabric fiber. It is also consisted of Acrylate Polymer helping to preventing dirt from returning to fabric fibers giving only clean and colorful clothes with Brightening Agent.


Phytovy Liv

Intestinal and liver detox innovation promotes the elimination of toxins out of the body. Antibac Innovation is guaranteed by the Grand Prize Innovation Award in Korea that developed with herbal extracts and FIR technology to remove bacteria.





Brightening Cream

Skincare product for your face with Intense Brightening Creamthat is combined with lightweight, easy to absorb, and reducemelasma & freckles, and dark spots.

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